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Image by Dylan Gillis

Corporate / Business Yoga

Improving workplace health and wellbeing.

​Bringing physical and mental relief, a boost of energy and productivity, inspiration, and balance to your business.​

Bringing transformative benefits of yoga to your office and team!

Yoga in the workplace helps to improve employee's mental wellbeing and reduces the symptoms of stress. Well-being is vital for improving and maintaining overall organisational health. My goal is to support companies and individuals to put wellbeing at the heart of their work ethos. From relaxation, breathing exercises to more mindfulness, stretch and strengthening, I am here to support YOU. Get in touch with me for lunch classes, special occasions ( more fun and uplifting yoga events) or anything else you and your employees may need!

Taking just 23 minutes out of your day can not only lead to your feeling less stressed, but it has been proven that in-office corporate yoga and wellbeing sessions result in:

21% higher for concentration on work

22% higher for finishing their work on time

25% higher for working without unscheduled breaks

41% for feeling motivated to work

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