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Price: 1100,00 €

Location: TBA

Inside Flow is a revolutionary vinyasa flow practice founded by Young Ho Kim. Right now it is the fastest growing Yogastyle in the world. If you’re already a yoga teacher looking out for something really special,  or a passionate Inside Flow lover and you feel the call  to share this unique Yogastyle with the world. 

This training is exactly what you need.

The training covers detailed lessons on the key areas of Inside Flow including theory, practice, music, teaching, sequencing, and how to create Inside Flows.

Each Class is designed to flow with eclectic modern music, with the grand finale of the class being a perfectly sequenced flow to a special song. Based on the yogic philosophy SPANDA – the pulsation of nature – we embody the Spanda with our breath and our movement.


Be part of magic Moments and grow as person and as a teacher. 

Training will be held in English. Our teachers speak German. French / Luxembourgish translation available upon request. 


Training content



• Creating harmonious unity between breath and movement to deepen our understanding of yoga asanas

• Constructing and articulating strong intelligent sequencing

• Establishing rhythm and pace while teaching

• Designing playlists for an Inside Flow class & connecting the sequence to a deeper intention

• Build confidence as an Inside Flow practitioner and teacher 

1 . Unity of breath and movement and music in Vinyasa Flow

You will learn to connect breath and physical movement, so that breathing and movement become a flowing experience. Through graceful movement with steady breathing, you delve deeper into the Vinyasa Flow practice and achieve an intensive connection of mental and physical strength. You will also learn to direct the breathing of your yoga participants and the energy in the room and to teach from the heart.


2. Music training & teaching on beat 

You learn to analyze a song: What is the verse? How long is the chorus? How many breaths does the bridge have? We look at the science behind music. To guide your students on beat, you strengthen your ability to hear the beat and practice moving and leading on beat. 


3. Creative Vinyasa structure – Flow factory

How do you create an Inside Flow? Which asanas make sense and in which order? How do you structure a choreography? Which criteria influence sequencing? 

We deal with these questions in the Flow factory. Here you can give your creativity space and express yourself freely within the rules for flowing sequences and express your flow.


4. Sequencing –  structure 

After you have learned to teach on beat and have internalized the structure of Inside Flows, it's time to teach the sequence in your yoga classes. Here you will learn how to break down the sequence into meaningful parts, which Vinyasa Krama makes sense and how to convey the choreography to your participants piece by piece without losing the rhythm. With a lot of system and didactic techniques, you can also improve your teaching in other yoga classes. 


5. Playlist and storytelling 

The emotional component is the heart of Inside Flow: music. During the Inside Flow training you will learn to hear which songs are suitable as Inside Flows, how to put together a playlist to structure the lesson and what you can say to carry the emotional massage of the song into the hearts of your participants. This is the only way breathing, movement and music become a flow that connects body, mind and soul. 



NO, you don't have to be a yoga teacher to join. This training has no pre- requisites. Come as you are, learn the style, and leave feeling happier than ever before!


If you are still not sure... here are some tips: To ensure that you are fully prepared for the Inside Flow Teacher Training, we highly recommend the following:

  • Prior attendance of Inside Flow classes is highly recommended as this will give you a solid understanding of the practice and its unique flow. Attending classes beforehand will help you get the most out of the training and know what to expect in the pracitce. (Classes can be taken online or offline)

  • A vinyasa practice and a passion for music are recommended for the training, as these elements are essential to the Inside Flow practice.

By meeting these pre-recs, you will be ready to dive into the training and gain a deeper understanding of the practice, its philosophy, and its transformative potential.


Upon successfully completing the teacher training and passing the teaching exam (in your preferred language, mother tongue), you will be awarded the Inside Flow 50hr certificate. It is important to note that Inside Flow is a registered trademark and a branded style, and as such, those who wish to teach it are required to register on and pay an annual licensing fee of 108€.

Already a registered Inside Flow teacher: Add the 50 TRC hours to your existing teacher profile to progress toward your next level.

Once you’ve registered and received your license you can teach Inside Flow classes. Check out the different levels & benefits on to familiarize yourself with the system.

All contents of the Inside Flow training may only be used with an active license on Classes containing the contents of the TTC must not be named any different than “Inside Flow”. 


Inside Flow Teacher Training October 2024 in Luxembourg, Niederanven. 

October 4,5,6 (Anna) 

October 18,19,20 (Alexey) 

October 25, 26, 27 (Nicki) 

Fridays from 2pm-6pm

Saturdays from 10am-5pm

Sundays from 10am-4pm

Please note that the training will be a total of 50-hours certification, made up of 36 contact hours (in-person lessons) with 14 hours non-contact (assignments, group work and post-training actions etc). To receive certification, you must attend ALL in-person training hours and pass the exam. 

Cancellation policy

Please Note:

The price for the training includes the training sessions only. 

Accommodation and travel are not included. You are responsible for booking your own travel and accommodations.

There are no refunds, transfers, or cancellations. 

If the training is cancelled for any reason, you will get a full refund. 

By registering for this commitment, you agree to these terms. Please make sure you are ready!


  • Yoga mat (there will be none provided)

  • notebook, writing utensil, water bottle, snacks, etc.,

  • filming is encouraged so pack a tripod to set your phone up.

Meet The TEACHER Team


  • Yoga mat (there will be none provided)

  • notebook, writing utensil, water bottle, snacks, etc.,

  • filming is encouraged so pack a tripod to set your phone up.

Meet The TEACHER Team


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